Friday, 5 July 2013

Music Festival Looks

So last weekend was the music festival of the year - Glastonbury!! We saw some of the greatest artists performed at the festival from the legendary Rolling Stones to newer generation artists like Arctic Monkeys, The xx, Chase and Status and Rita Ora.

Apart from being the biggest music festival of the year, it is also a trend spotting event. Over the years stars like Kate Moss, Stella McCartney, Alexa Chung have created many looks at Glastonbury that have set trend and given us inspiration.So what have they been wearing this year?

                                                                  Alexa Chung

                                                                        Kate Moss                  
 Cara Delevingne

                                                                       Stella McCartney

At 15th Lane, we've always loved that classic rock n roll chic look: cut out denim shorts, slogan printed vest, hunter boots, sunglasses plus an oversized jacket. We also love the 'boho style': a floral printed dress, a pair of cowboy boots and a waistcoat. So what's your favorite look? Last weekend, we asked you to tweet us your 'Glasto Look', here are a few looks that we love, and want to share with you : )

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

We love this girly look which has been created by fashion blogger Rasa, so we thought we'd share it with you, We hope this will give you some inspiration to create your summer look. It's such an effortless look, she is wearing one of our owl printed tees, a floral printed skirt accessorized it with our triple hearts necklace and a beige shoulder bag.

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

That white tee...

We can never get enough with white t-shirt,we think it's one of your wardrobe essential.It's just something that's so easy to put on and it will work with everything from jeans to shorts, trousers to skirts.

We did a vote in the office today, the tops 3 styles of white tee are:1.A plain V-neck t-shirt 2. A round neck with a pocket at the front or some kind of extra details 3. A white t-shirt comes with a cool print

What's your favorite style or design? Let's share it!

Also, feel free to check out the white tee in our shop, we have quite a few choices there, hope you like it!


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The sun is shining, summer has finally knocked on our door, and we hope that this time it will stay around for longer!
As a result, we decided to do a post on the casual street look for the Summer Season; to share some inspiration on how to get that simple, effortless yet sexy, casual look that we all want for Summer.
The key items you need to create the look are: shorts, a simple oversized tee or vest top, denim or checked shirt and a pair of sandals or trainers.
Make up should be light, don't over do it. Just apply a thin layer of 'make up base' or foundation, mascara, eye shimmer, bronzer on the cheekbone, and finish it with some lip gloss. For your hair, you could either tie it up, make it into a bun or apply some hair wax to give it a messy beach wave look. 
Here are some pictures that we would like to share with you to give you some more inspiration.

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

1st stop

After months of preparation, challenges and anticipation 15th Lane is finally born and has been open for business for a month now.The past few months have been an interesting journey for us - we have had a lot of fun in discovering new trends, getting the collections ready, doing the photo shoots and working with different people. Of course, there were challenges, but it has ended in a positive outcome and we like to stay on the brighter side! We hope we can pass this message to you through our collections. Take your time to browse our boutique, and we will be very happy if you’d like to leave us any comments about the collections, the website or just to chat about fashion! And finally, a big thank you to our friends and family who have helped us to bring this concept into reality!